Friday, August 26, 2016

The Power of Your Wind

The GRIND and SHINE for today 08/26/2016 3:00am
The Power of Your Wind

The weekend is here, time for many of us to simply breathe, regroup, refresh and rejuvenate. Life is far too short to keep all of our disappointments, frustrations, hurts, pains and heartaches bottled up inside of us. Time to discover the power of our personal winds; breathe.

There is a reason why what we take in feels cooler than what we push out. The air we breathe in is charged with positive energy; the warm breath we exhale is full of the negativity we have been carrying around. Breathe in, breath out, move on!

Our FOCUS for today: Make sure every breath we take is inhaled with passion and exhaled with new purpose.

C. Maria Wall

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Willful vs Malicious Intentions

The GRIND and SHINE for today: 08/24/2016 2:58am
Being Intentional

The abbreviated meaning of doing something intentional is to do something deliberate or on purpose. WE can learn a lot from watching others around us or from those who we interact with on a daily basis.

Many of us know of one person at least who has done something with malicious intent; to cause harm. These are the type of people we need to weed from our lives. To do something with willful intent could be positive; you should have willful intentions to move on. Those who do things with malicious intent mean to cause harm in some way.

Know the difference; make your exit with the intention of moving on by walking away and never looking backward. When you know someone intends to cause you harm in some way and you stay, be prepared for what may be coming your way. Get the resources you need to make it through and survive the ordeal.

Our FOCUS for today: Make a willful intention to make a positive, healthy change in your life. Know the difference between willful and malicious intentions.

C. Maria Wall

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

We Are Waiting

The GRIND and SHINE for today 08/23/2016 2:58am
WE are waiting!

Today will be something different; something only you the reader can do. I write messages all the time but today I am turning over my pen and paper to you. To help you I have developed some questions to help inspire your responses.

1. If the world was listeining what story would you tell?
2. If the world was in black and white, what colors would you paint it?
3. What advice would you give to the young and older still lost in their personal darkness?

If you choose to make your responses public please add to any thred of this message you see. If you choose to keep your responses private, do so. Answering is the part that makes us stronger.

Our FOCUS for today: Ready, set, let's grow! (yea one of my tag lines) :)

C. Maria Wall

Monday, August 22, 2016

Divine Intervention Is Knocking

The GRIND and SHINE for today: 08/22/2016 2:58am
Divine intervention (through my eyes and personal experience)

One of the things that many people wish they had more of is time. In the event things do not work out many need time to make them right. Others have such a beautiful life that they want more time to enjoy the moments. Without divine intervention none of the scenarios could happen.

I will be starting a new journey in my life next month "on my birthday" but before that I will be spending the weekend before with my sisters and friends; we will be replenishing and refreshing our hearts, minds, spirits and souls at our very first sisterhood retreat.

Some may be asking how I am tying all of this together. The answer is simple. Several weeks’ prior my world was torn apart; my soul was wounded, my heart broken and my spirit crushed. I waited patiently for GOD to show me why and what his plan was for me. Turns out he had to remove some obstacles and distractions from my life; he had to bring me to a better, stronger place.

When this leg of my journey is over, a new life will be waiting for me at the end of this road called destiny. Nothing will be the same; everything will be better. To look at the events, the ladies voted to have the retreat on my birthday weekend, then I got the call that not only was I accepted into school; they had an opening to start on my birthday! My doubts tried to hold me back but divine intervention sent an angel to whisper in my ear and as reinforcement another came along to validate the decision to not wait until next year.

Our FOCUS for today: Not to ignore what divine intervention brings us; it will bring the time we need to make the right things happen.

C. Maria Wall

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The first day! (A special SUNday Post)

This is what the first day of the rest of your life should look like every day! No matter what, begin your day with gratitude knowing that you woke up to another chance

C. Maria

Friday, August 19, 2016

Being Mindful

The GRIND and SHINE for today: 08/19/2016 3:10am
Being Mindful

Be very mindful of what you keep your mind full of. The road of this thing called life is long for many. Do not block your travel with roadblocks, pitfalls and detours that do not need to be on your road.

Our end of week FOCUS: Remove everything and everyone from your road that is blocking your progression.

C. Maria Wall

Thursday, August 18, 2016

You Are Listening!

The GRIND and SHINE for today: 08/18/2016 11:06am
Change how you speak to yourself!

I have been physically drained reading comments by some of the folks I follow on social media. The negative chants and rants are depressing and draining. LEARN how to speak positive into your lives and positive will come to you. You see speaking negatively or anything other than positive only pushes many people away while the negativity can draw other negative people into your space on this earth.

Even though I am the teacher, coach and mentor; I am human and it saddens me to see so much negative chat continuously. Be mindful of your talk; get rid of your mind full of everything nonproductive and positive.

Our words become our strengths or our weaknesses! 

Our FOCUS for today: Speak life, love and happiness into your spirit and soul daily!

C. Maria Wall 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sharing Is Caring!

The GRIND and SHINE for today: 08/17/2016 3:30am
Sharing is caring!

Today is all about sharing good information that many of us could use in life to get information we need to achieve our goals and destiny's. Please check out the photo included in this message, explore the sites and get what is useful to you.

Many may complain that there are no direct links; I could have supplies them but anything worth having is worth working for.  You will appreciate your successes more when you know you gave it your all to achieve them.

Our FOCUS for today: Look for resources that help you get to where you want to be.  Explore your options, make a plan and execute it.

C. Maria Wall

1. TED

2. Mindbloom

3. Udemy

4. Lumosity

5. 43 Things

6. Vision Board Deluxe

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Speak Your Truth Even When You Are Afriad To!

The GRIND and SHINE for today: 08/16/2016 2:54am
Speaking your truth!

Those of you who follow me know that I experienced a serious trauma a few weeks ago; it left me feeling empty like I had died inside. Just when I think I am at a point where the past is under control and I am ready for the next leg of my journy, I get knocked back down.

People who are not held accountable keep doing what they do. No matter how hard we try to get away from the ugliness, it will follow and find us. The people who has hurt the most are the ones who keep telling their versions of lies; they make sure others think we are the bad people.

Time to stand up and speak our truths. You see many of us will never be free until we speak the other side to the lies. Too many people either do not care to hear the rest of the story or they are too ignorant to know there is another side so they just stay in darkness to the truth.

Time to bring everyone into your light then soar with the eagles. it is not our job to convince anyone of the real deal. WE need to speak our truths so that our souls, hearts and spirits can be free. People will think and believe what they choose; their choices are not our concern.

Our FOCUS for today: Speak your truths, even if you are afraid to. Then spread your wings and be free

C. Maria Wall

Monday, August 15, 2016

Finding Your Light(s)

The GRIND and SHINE for today! 08/15/2016 3:11am
Finding your light(s)

May you find the light(s) to guide you through your day and beyond even when some lights lose their shine or diminish in brightness; I pray you find another light that shines you way to your destiny brightly.  Not too many words today; just my prayer for you to find your way to a happy home.

Our FOCUS for today: Find your personal lights or be the lights for others!  There are plenty of folks lost in the darkness to go around.

C. Maria Wall