Monday, April 28, 2014

Ding Dong Opportunity Knocking!

My Two Cents of Cerebral for today

(Cerebral though of the day)
So many of us hold on to the clutter of our past that we become trapped by the ghost who holds our destiny in their hands that are not there really!

Clean the Clutter! Break every chain and free yourself
Get your heart, mind, body, spirit, soul and HOUSE in order.

When Opportunity Knocks you better be ready to answer the door!

C. Maria Wall

I Approve!

Dear Diary,

I noticed many people walk about looking for validation and approval from others; It is a thirst that needs to be quenched.  I have discovered that many are aware of this need for approval therefore many use their power of validation as an advantage to rule over those seeking the acceptance!

Since I have grown older I realize that "I approve of myself" and that is the only approval I need.  

I love me some "me"

Monday, April 14, 2014

HEALing THrough Hurt Welcomes Keith B Davis & Daniell Harshaw 04/12 by C Maria Wall | Women Podcasts

HEALing THrough Hurt Welcomes Keith B Davis & Daniell Harshaw 04/12 by C Maria Wall | Women Podcasts

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Friday Night Faith and Praise with Tina And C. Maria 04/11 by C Maria Wall | Women Podcasts

Friday Night Faith and Praise with Tina And C. Maria 04/11 by C Maria Wall | Women Podcasts

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HEALing THrough Hurt Welcomes Author Esther Hunter 04/05 by C Maria Wall | Women Podcasts

HEALing THrough Hurt Welcomes Author Esther Hunter 04/05 by C Maria Wall | Women Podcasts

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

If you have been cheated on, lied to/on, have no or low self esteem and lost all hope READ THIS!


The Excitement is mounting
Coming June 6-8,2014
Enjoy a weekend of Inspiration, Motivation, enlightenment and encouragement!
Registration is open for this FREE event


President, The Wall Foundation Inc.
Host of HEALing THrough Hurt i-Talk Radio
Certified Credentialed Professional Life Coach 
Author of "Silent Noise Lip Service
Domestic Violence and Abuse Survivor
Topic: Making Peace with Your Past to move forward into your passion, purpose and power!
Part I - In order to start we have to stop
Part II- The Cream of the CRAP! 
Part III- Letting Go 

If you are someone who has been cheated on, abused, abandoned, lied to/on, had low or no self esteem wondering where GOD is and why he is not listening to you or you have hopes and dreams of walking into your destiny but do not know where to begin? This Summit is for you! 

Leadership Expert and Certified Coach, C. Maria Wall speaks about Healing through Hurt and through her radio show welcomes guests to tell their story. Her emphasis is on developing self- esteem and finding the healing. Attracting listeners worldwide, she encourages interaction and is rapidly building a fan base of those who turn to her soft voice and understanding nature. Sharing her own story of abuse, domestic violence and rape, she knows and shows the route to healing. As founding president of the non-profit The Wall Foundation, Inc. Maria has developed programs for at risk youth, families and seniors. Topics include artistic expression, public speaking and many other areas aiding in developing self- esteem and road maps for success. Maria is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and visionary; in her own words "it is time to stop putting up with the cream of the crap; we deserve better"  HEALing THrough Hurt i-Talk Radio (1 Million plus listeners Worldwide) Book:  Silent Noise Lip Service
Casey Jones
Topic: Psychopaths, severe child abuse and MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder)
Casey Jones grew up on a ranch near Portales, NM.  She graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with honors and did graduate work in West Germany on full scholarship.  At Regis University in Denver, she completed a second year of graduate work. She worked as a flight attendant for United Airlines for 26 years.  In 1990, she produced the top martial arts training tape and in 1997 she owed a gag gift company, her products were featured in 7 major US catalogues.  After spending years in therapy for incest, she left UAL and moved to Santa Fe, NM. In 2007, she married a doctor who was lecturing all over the country for medical conferences.  In reality, Jeffery Belle was a professional con man.  When she realized that he had Warrants out for his arrest……she worked with the Oklahoma and Santa Fe police.  He was arrested December 31, 2007.  She lost her home and had to sell her rental property, in order to pay off the debt that he left her with Casey's book, And the Angel Rocked Me; Memoir of a Multiple Personality discusses her childhood rape and torture, flying and marriage to a con artist.  Four veteran film producers are asking for the rights to her movie.  She presently lectures at Victim’s Conferences on Psychopaths, Severe Child Abuse and MPD(Multiple Personality Disorder) She founded a web-site called which stands for “Women Against Con Men”.    This site is a forum for victims of con artists.  Casey lives in New Mexico with her beloved stray dogs.

I Am a Superwoman Vision Board Group
CEO of Tina's Glory Hair, LLC
Topic: Vision Board Building
Tina Hobson:As a member of The Word Church, Cleveland OH, Tina served as a Youth Court Social Worker where she facilitated a Faith-based program addressing youth issues. She developed a group therapy program to address chemical dependency, facilitated individual counseling and family therapy. She also served as Juvenile Court advocate for troubled youth including but inclusive of facilitating crisis intervention.  Ms. Hobson prides herself with guiding those aforementioned populations with meeting their daily needs.  Tina speaks publicly and advocates for women’s rights including prevention of domestic violence along with sponsoring and hosting Women’s Empowerment events. Tina volunteers with The Center for Search and Investigation, helping to find missing children. Tina has spoken to thousands educating on the devastation of addiction to alcohol and other drugs by telling her personal experience of being delivered from 20 plus years of using everything from alcohol to crack cocaine.  Tina is presently the Host of I Am A Superwoman Vision Board Celebration which is broadcast monthly via Facebook and Conference Call.

President of Haggai Speaks
Topics: Forgiveness
Storm Innis President of Haggai Speaks Building God’s Temple One Child at a Time Our Mission is to EMPOWER girls ages 9-17 At Haggai Speaks, every girl is welcomed and encouraged to be themselves.  Our goal is to empower girls ages 9-17 by providing spiritual, and emotional support needed to become what God has called them to be. Our curriculum is structures so that your daughter(s) mind, body and soul is feed a nourishing assortment of “food”

Author at 101 Truths For You
Topic:  Walking in your TRUTH: Understanding your calling.
Author, speaker, inspirational coach, entrepreneur -Meleny Thomas is inspiring young dreamers across the globe. Her motivational book, 101 Truths For You has made its way across the world, with supporters in Kenya, Africa to the Caribbean and many states in the USA. From the age of 12 Meleny had devoted her life to mentorship and serving the youth. She has maintained the mantle of servitude from being a Sunday-School teacher, tutor and peer mediator in middle and High School, peer support student and residential assistant in college.  After college, Meleny began working in the field of youth advocacy, servicing at-risk and adjudicated youth through local nonprofits in Baltimore, Maryland.  Through all of these roles, Meleny was still unsure of what her calling was, unaware that she had been living in her calling all along. She has mentored, counseled, and advocated for many young people that may have been facing difficulties in their life. Meleny has since formed an empowerment organization called L.O.V.E International Network, where she facilitates and provides various workshops, programs and conferences throughout the year to challenge individuals between the ages of 15-30 to raise the B.A.R- Believe, Achieve and Receive-in the lives. She has the desire to see lives be transformed.

President Arlene Spann Sweats
Topic: "Word Health" Talking Your Way to Health Using GODS Words (What does he have to say about you?)
 Arlene Spann is a wife, mother, grandmother, and caregiver who is married to Jerome Spann. She has two amazing children and three awesome grandchildren. Arlene is an inspirational speaker, teacher, and certified life and weight loss coach. She is a graduate of the Jericho Christian Training Center College with a degree in Christian Discipleship. She is the Founder of Arlene Spann S.W.E.A.T.S. which was birth out of her own health challenges when told she had high cholesterol, was overweight and pre-diabetic. She has overcome all of these health situations. The Lords lead Arlene to a Biblical Program called Bod4God. Because of the life-changing experience she received with this program, God inspired her to go share her story with others and from that sharing was birth Arlene Spann S.W.E.A.T.S. She has facilitated and help dozens of people lose weight through a free 12 week weight loss competition at her local church in Mitchellville, Maryland. God now uses her to inspire, empowers, and teaches others to bring spirit, mind and body together to create healthier eating and lifestyle changes using her proven God directed S.W.E.A.T.S. system. God has also inspired her to write. She is currently working on her first e-book titled, "Are You Ready to SWEAT?" To God be the Glory.

Sunshine King
Sunshine Project H.E.L.P
Topic: Finding My Purpose

Due to a tragic incident of domestic violence, Ms. Sunshine King turned entrepreneur of Sunshine Project H.E.L.P as Founder and CEO. On November 6, 2004, Sunshine's life was turned upside down when she was attacked by her husband. She survived two shots; bullets to her right jaw and spine. The bullet that entered her jaw exited the back of her neck. With much prayer, care, and support, Sunshine is a survivor of Domestic Violence with an incomplete spinal cord injury. Her strength and motivation established Sunshine Project H.E.L.P, Wheel-Power, and Sunshine Models on Wheels in 2005. Through her journey, Ms. King has met many wonderful people who she has helped in the paths of redevelopment.

Lá Tanyha Boyd
Jump-Start Your Day!
Topic: Self-Empowerment of Lighten the load of 'Stinkin-Thinking
 Lá Tanyha Boyd: Missionary| Inspirational Speaker| International Radio Host| Best Selling Author| Lá Tanyha Boyd, is living her dream and walking in her calling to empower, and inspire others in“Living in the Now;” the abundant life. Author Lá Tanyha, has traveled around the world via the air waves as an Inspirational Speaker delivering messages to jump start your day and vision, all the while infused with Faith, Hope, & Determination leaving you with a mindset of I CAN DO THIS! Challenging others to Take Action to go higher in their careers, fulfill their goals and walk in their purpose.  Lá Tanyha Boyd has the worlds largest digital platform devoted to Jump-Start Your Day, transform your mindset, line up your thoughts, desires and emotions with positive thinking. Jump-Start Your Day!

Evelyn Johnson-Taylor Ph.D.

Topic: "A Woman's Call" dealing with various areas that GOD calls women to function and how we can be effective in and to the Body of Christ

Evelyn Johnson-Taylor Ph.D. began serving as a women’s ministry leader in 1996.  She is the founder of Women of Promise Ministries Inc., a ministry designed to address the obstacles that stand between women and their ability to reap the promises of God's Word.  This ministry provides mentoring, teaching, encouragement and spiritual support to women.  Women of Promise Ministries Inc. based in Tampa Florida with ministries in Chicago, Illinois and Fayetteville, North Carolina is touching the lives of women throughout the United States as well as foreign countries. Women of Promise Ministries Inc. host online Bible teaching and a weekly phone prayer line with callers from different parts of the United States.  We offer spiritual support and encouragement via email, social media, and Dr. Taylor’s books as well as her speaking engagements

Author, Speaker, Founder at Ann Thomas Ministry

Topic: "Your Promise is Not Dead - Releasing the Shunamite in you."

Author, Speaker, and Teacher Ann Thomas was born in Antigua, West Indies, raised in Brooklyn, New York and now resides in Florida. She is the proud mom of two wonderful sons, a working professional, serves in her local church, mentors, ministers in the Prisons on a monthly basis, and speaks at conferences and various events. A former radio host, Ann is a gifted speaker whose authenticity and love for the Lord encourages, equips, and empowers people through an inspired blend of scripture, wisdom, life experiences, and humor.  In her life-changing book, “The Consecrated Cocoon – Emerging from Intimate Isolation with Power and Purpose” Ann helps readers understand there is purpose in their pain and that God wants to turn their mess into His message. Her book draws on the powerful similarities of the caterpillar metamorphosis process to the often painful but rewarding transformation process we go through when God is preparing us to soar into our purpose and destiny in Him. We can’t grab a hold of what God has for us when we insist on holding on to what hinders us (unforgiveness, pride, rejection, disappointment, etc.).  When adversity visits, we often respond based on our past experiences and perceptions, which can delay the manifestation of God’s blessings in our lives. Ann takes the readers on a journey that discusses the original lies introduced in the Garden of Eden, identifies the relationships and experiences that perpetuates the lies, reveals the truth of God’s Word, and encourages them to surrender to the process (spiritual cocoon) where God makes a great exchange. Testimonies are received on a weekly basis of broken strongholds, radical transformations, healing, restoration, redemption, and salvations taking place. Readers are liberated when they learn they were created for something more – something greater.  As the founder of Ann Thomas Ministry (established in 2001), God uses Ann to minister across the U.S. to people of all ages, ethnicity, and cultures. God’s message through her is simple and easy to understand; and yet so incredibly full of His empowering grace, unending mercies, unconditional love, and power to heal, deliver, and set free. Ann is merely the vessel and what she shares is ALL for God’s glory

Marcella D. Moore

Founder and Facilitator for The Weekly Motivate and Pray Conference Calls 

Topic:  Make Me Her (Unleashing your true self)

Ms. Marcella D. Moore, affectionately known as “Cella D,” is the founder and facilitator of the weekly Motivate and Pray Conference Call. Callers from around the country call faithfully each week for a time of encouragement, motivation, inspiration and prayer. Cella D is an accomplished speaker and presenter who is passionate about promoting self-love and development in the lives of others, especially women. She embraces her single parent status and is the proud mother of her favorite 23 year-old daughter and favorite 19 year-old son. Marcella is inspired by this famous quote and keeps it dear to her heart as she walks out the plan of God for her life. “You’re playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.” It is her prayer that the light GOD has placed on her life shines bright enough to make babies leap, hearts open and sleeping giants to awake
Shaunna Gunter Stephens
Transformational Life Coach
Topic: Empowered to Grow

Shaunna Gunter Stephens is a transformational life coach and speaker committed to encourage, equip, and empower women to create a life full of hope, gratitude, joy and self-acceptance. Through practical messages, Shaunna boldly captivates her audiences with challenges of self-reflection while inspiring all too intentionally transform ambition into action. Shaunna’s passion to help women walk in freedom while learning from their yesterday, embracing their today and creating a legacy for their tomorrow is evident and marked by her daily footprints. With topics ranging from being the best you to mindset transformation, from restoration to spiritual growth, and much more, Shaunna has a special word for women from all walks of life. 
 Loraine Collins
Poet, song lyricist and Director of Drama and Children's Church at Paterson Church of GOD in Paterson, New Jersey
Topic:  In the Dungeon of Despair "YOU ARE NOT ALONE"

Loraine Collins is a poet, song lyricist, Director of Drama and Children’s Church Teacher at the Paterson Church of God under the auspicious leadership of Pastor Donnie and Debra Anderson located in Paterson, New Jersey. She is also the blogger for Dearly Beloved on and a single mom of an intelligent eleven year old daughter. It is the accomplishment of motherhood and overcoming a season of postpartum depression that enabled Loraine to birth the ministry Poetyk Prayz Movement; a ministry that addresses the depression that leads to suicide, bullying among school aged kids, and self-esteem issues in young females. She is currently working on publication of her first book, “My Sacred Heart; A Personal Testimony - A Collection of Poetry” to share her process in overcoming the ‘dark abyss’ and God’s manifestation of redemptive love in her life through poetry. As she pursues ministerial licensure through the Church of God and a degree in Psychology and Christian Counseling at Pillar College, her main goal is to nationally impact the Kingdom of Christ in a manner that will ‘put a smile on His face’.
1 Million plus listeners worldwide!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Two Cents of Cerebral "Free Giveaways"

My Two Cents of Cerebral for Today!

Instead of giving everything away for free to unworthy buyers who sample then return for a full refund, maybe we should spend our waiting time to fine tune ourselves so that we will be an enhancement to the "ONE".  Save the package for the buyer who wants to invest in the product truly!

The moral of the story? Never give anything away that is worth being paid for!

Just My Two Cents for the day!
C Maria Wall
Healing Through Hurt i-Talk Radio