Friday, January 14, 2011

Sin Eater Saturday ( Confessions of the Soul)

Healing Through Hurt Talk Radio is seeking people to tell us your confession or story of hurt for our new segment *Sin Eater Saturday*

1. If you have done something wrong you are not proud of and want to confess send us your story

2. If you have been wronged or hurt we want to hear from you!
We welcome stories of lies, infidelity, domestic violence in any form just to name a few. WE will read each email carefully and feature it based on the information provided!

Rules: Please do not include actual / real names you may use a pseudo name or initials but we will not say actual names on air.

Email us your story as the show will air this Saturday at 9pm ET.. This is a monthly feature so if you do not hear your story this week check back the 2nd Saturday of each month for *Sin Eater Saturdays*

Check us out at:
FREE yourself from the pain or guilt you are carrying around and HEAL your soul!!!!