Friday, July 29, 2016

Stop rewarding bad behavior

MY GRIND AND SHINE for today: 07/29/2016 2:11am
Today is about rewarding bad behavior

I have come across many people who tend to cry about how they were treated then praise the very people who have mistreated them over and over. Several issues arise out of this type of behavior, please see the list below:

1. You give the abusers permission to keep doing what they do; they know there is no reprimand for their actions.
2. You are living a lie not only to yourself but to those who look to you for guidance and advice. Those people may let the abuser in and the cycle will start all over again.
3. It makes me question your sanity and motives. Why do you cry about the abuse then boast to the world how great the person is and how much you love them? Something is not right somewhere in the scenario.

IN business when folks wrong me they are erased, no mention, photo or thought of them is found. You see, when you become successful they will be the first ones to use the prior association to their advantage. In life I have learned how to let go to those who have wronged me over and over, time and time again. Never praise wrong doers because they are smart enough to use your own praise against you once or if you ever FIND YOUR COURAGE to walk away.

I learned how to walk away under the worst of circumstances; it was a lonely journey but a necessary one.

Our FOCUS for Today: Stop rewarding bad behavior!

C. Maria Wall

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Water Bearer

My GRIND and SHINE started at 2:37am on 07/28/2016.  This was OK because I was in bed very early yesteray; I needed to prepare.

Today is all about being the water bearer.

Thank you to my family I share no DNA with for being my water bearers.

Many of you know that I experienced an extremely hurtful situation a few days ago that broke my spirit into a bliiion pieces at least.  So  after I got over my emotions my favorite quote kept popping in my head.
"EX CINERIBUS RESURGAM"  In essence "from the ashes I rise"

YES I crashed and burned and it was the kind words of love and encouragement from friends and those who I have helped in some way over the years.  Those were the people who brought me the water I needed to put out the fires that surrounded me.

I am back now and I have loads of water to help each person who reads my words; I am here to help you doust your fires too.

Our FOCUS for today:  Carry the load; be the water bearer.  Just as someone helped you doust your fires, you are charged to pay it forward and help someone else.

C. Maria Wall​

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

INSTEAD of my GRIND and SHINE here is what is on my MIND

INSTEAD of my GRIND and SHINE here is what is on my MIND: 07/26/2016

Someone has shattered me into a billion pieces so I need this time for ME.  After this message I will be offline until the weekend at best

I need to find the best pieces and recreate myself as a new masterpiece again.  

LOVE you all but I need to go now!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Knowing When To Stay Grounded!

The GRIND and SHINE for today: 07/25/2016

I have been up and down all night: really do not feel like making this journey today BUT here I am doing what I do. Might as well enjoy the AC at work instead of staying home using my own ;)

They say it will be a scorcher today; one of the hottest days this year as far as the heat index. Days like today remind us that there are times we just need to stay grounded. As the old saying goes many of are are just flying all over the places trying to keep up with those that have; we try to keep up appearances too.

WE learned in school that heat tends to rise so why not stay down at ground level and find some SHADE today, Keep things simple and keep our loads light today.

Our FOCUS for today: Make sure the SHADE we are throwing today is upon ourselves!

C. Maria Wall

Friday, July 22, 2016

Take Your Time! PLAN, HEAL and PREPARE

The GRIND and SHINE for today: 07/22/2016

WOW so I got up 3 minutes later than I did yesterday; baby steps. Not only is today Friday, it is the time when we can slow down and have some quiet time.  My discussion today is all about slowing down.  For those of you who use a slow cooker you know the difference in foods, meats especially when they are cooked in an oven vs. the slow cooker.  Ever try to cook things in a microwave? Yes, it is fast but if you do not get the setting just right food will come out hard as a rock. The same applies to life, if we keep jumping into things without having time to prepare properly, we will end up in another HARD PLACE!

Too many times we jump from one situation into another without ever having time to reflect, rejuvenate and regroup; we do not allow ourselves time to "simmer and marinate" A classic example is being really sick with say a lung infection, If you get an illness that lands you in the hospital, you have to do what your doctor says.  The minute many are released they jump right back into their old ways, many causing themselves to become re-injured or some get more sick than they were prior. WE have to have time to RECOVER, REJUVENATE and REFLECT so that we can regroup to prevent the same incident from happening again!  It is OK to TAKE TIME.

Our FOCUS for today: Stop!  Give yourself time to PLAN, HEAL and PREPARE properly

C. Maria

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Do What You Have Told Yourself You Would Not Do!

Hello Everyone,

My GRIND and SHINE started at get this 2:51am this morning 07/21/2016!
Some may read this and say to themselves that they would never get up at this hour for anything; always complaining about what they will NOT do.  Course I am using my early rising time as an example but there is a message in my story, this I promise you.

In the last two weeks or so I have listened to quite a few people teell me what they are NOT going to do; with or without valid reasons.  I just have one question

Since the way they are doing things now does not seem to be working, why not change the plan?

If one cannot work out in the evenings wake up an extra half hour to work out in the morning.  Do the things we do not want to do. It is the stagnant thinking that keeps us from progressing; keeps us from changing that which no longer serves any positive purpose in our lives.

I went back to bed this morning simply to meditate becasue 2:51 was early even for me so I enjoyed lying still for a little longer. I would not have been as perky as I am right now had I just jumped up and started my day.  Sometimes all it takes is a slight change to make things better. For me, I made the choice not to run myself into a hole by getting up extra early for no good reason.

Our FOCUS for today: Do something you have convinced yourself you are NOT going to do.  Within the boundaries of the law that is :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Stop or Go Only You Will Know!

Good Morning all,

My Grind and Shine started at 3:14am today 07/20/2016!
I have to admit I really do not feel like moving today but instead of giving up and going back to bed, I am going to get to my grind instead.

You see what I have noticed over many years is the fact that I have double or more work to do when I make the decision to STOP.  When we choose to stop a domino effect begins and all that we could / would have accomplished is put on hold; nobody can do what we do like we do it :)

So once again your two choices are to STOP or GO!

Ready, set, I have to GO! Have an outstanding day!

C. Maria

Monday, July 18, 2016

Forget "eye for an eye" just pack your things and say GOODBYE!

The RIPPLE Effect for today: 07/18/2016
"Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"

If I retaliated every time I caught someone doing something questionable or wrong to me, I would become one of the worst people on the planet.  So many people have convinced themselves that others do not see what they are attempting to keep under covers or do behind the backs of others.  Me for one, I choose not to address the indiscretion I simply move on.

We are living in a time where people want what they want and others are so broken they have no problem pulling others down consciously or sub-consciously they take without giving and in their minds it is ok.

The old saying “an eye for an eye” will leave this world full of the blind.  It is bad enough many of us walk about with blinders on already; many are sight impaired with delusions of grandeur, envy, fear, doubt, insecurities and more.
In many instances an equal or greater reaction is not to react at all.  So the perpetrators can “SEE” those they have tried to deceive walk right out of their lives.

Our FOCUS for today: Change “eye for an eye” to I have had enough “GOOD-BYE”

C. Maria Wall

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Being Stuck vs. Being Still

The RIPPLE Effect for today: 07/12/2016
Being stuck vs. being still

In life many may find themselves mistaking being stuck for being still. When we are re-living our past continuously we are "stuck". When we are living in the present moment but are not moving, we are choosing to be "still" Two dilemmas both with one solution; move!

Our FOCUS for today: MOVE!

C. Maria


Monday, July 11, 2016

Be the CHANGE!

Good Morning all I brought back the RIPPLE Effect for today: 07/11/2016

Good Morning all,

As you know I have been dealing with a lot of emotions this week past due to the turmoil in this country and abroad, but mostly the domestic unrest.  I found this poster today and thought it would be a powerful reminder of the power of change.  Today I want to remind you to be the RIPPLE that becomes the WAVE!

Change for SURVIVAL, change to SUCCEED but most of all be the person to CAUSE the CHANGE; we need more of you to LEAD!

C. Maria Wall​

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