Monday, July 18, 2016

Forget "eye for an eye" just pack your things and say GOODBYE!

The RIPPLE Effect for today: 07/18/2016
"Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"

If I retaliated every time I caught someone doing something questionable or wrong to me, I would become one of the worst people on the planet.  So many people have convinced themselves that others do not see what they are attempting to keep under covers or do behind the backs of others.  Me for one, I choose not to address the indiscretion I simply move on.

We are living in a time where people want what they want and others are so broken they have no problem pulling others down consciously or sub-consciously they take without giving and in their minds it is ok.

The old saying “an eye for an eye” will leave this world full of the blind.  It is bad enough many of us walk about with blinders on already; many are sight impaired with delusions of grandeur, envy, fear, doubt, insecurities and more.
In many instances an equal or greater reaction is not to react at all.  So the perpetrators can “SEE” those they have tried to deceive walk right out of their lives.

Our FOCUS for today: Change “eye for an eye” to I have had enough “GOOD-BYE”

C. Maria Wall