Friday, July 22, 2016

Take Your Time! PLAN, HEAL and PREPARE

The GRIND and SHINE for today: 07/22/2016

WOW so I got up 3 minutes later than I did yesterday; baby steps. Not only is today Friday, it is the time when we can slow down and have some quiet time.  My discussion today is all about slowing down.  For those of you who use a slow cooker you know the difference in foods, meats especially when they are cooked in an oven vs. the slow cooker.  Ever try to cook things in a microwave? Yes, it is fast but if you do not get the setting just right food will come out hard as a rock. The same applies to life, if we keep jumping into things without having time to prepare properly, we will end up in another HARD PLACE!

Too many times we jump from one situation into another without ever having time to reflect, rejuvenate and regroup; we do not allow ourselves time to "simmer and marinate" A classic example is being really sick with say a lung infection, If you get an illness that lands you in the hospital, you have to do what your doctor says.  The minute many are released they jump right back into their old ways, many causing themselves to become re-injured or some get more sick than they were prior. WE have to have time to RECOVER, REJUVENATE and REFLECT so that we can regroup to prevent the same incident from happening again!  It is OK to TAKE TIME.

Our FOCUS for today: Stop!  Give yourself time to PLAN, HEAL and PREPARE properly

C. Maria