Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Water Bearer

My GRIND and SHINE started at 2:37am on 07/28/2016.  This was OK because I was in bed very early yesteray; I needed to prepare.

Today is all about being the water bearer.

Thank you to my family I share no DNA with for being my water bearers.

Many of you know that I experienced an extremely hurtful situation a few days ago that broke my spirit into a bliiion pieces at least.  So  after I got over my emotions my favorite quote kept popping in my head.
"EX CINERIBUS RESURGAM"  In essence "from the ashes I rise"

YES I crashed and burned and it was the kind words of love and encouragement from friends and those who I have helped in some way over the years.  Those were the people who brought me the water I needed to put out the fires that surrounded me.

I am back now and I have loads of water to help each person who reads my words; I am here to help you doust your fires too.

Our FOCUS for today:  Carry the load; be the water bearer.  Just as someone helped you doust your fires, you are charged to pay it forward and help someone else.

C. Maria Wall​

photographer unknown