Thursday, July 21, 2016

Do What You Have Told Yourself You Would Not Do!

Hello Everyone,

My GRIND and SHINE started at get this 2:51am this morning 07/21/2016!
Some may read this and say to themselves that they would never get up at this hour for anything; always complaining about what they will NOT do.  Course I am using my early rising time as an example but there is a message in my story, this I promise you.

In the last two weeks or so I have listened to quite a few people teell me what they are NOT going to do; with or without valid reasons.  I just have one question

Since the way they are doing things now does not seem to be working, why not change the plan?

If one cannot work out in the evenings wake up an extra half hour to work out in the morning.  Do the things we do not want to do. It is the stagnant thinking that keeps us from progressing; keeps us from changing that which no longer serves any positive purpose in our lives.

I went back to bed this morning simply to meditate becasue 2:51 was early even for me so I enjoyed lying still for a little longer. I would not have been as perky as I am right now had I just jumped up and started my day.  Sometimes all it takes is a slight change to make things better. For me, I made the choice not to run myself into a hole by getting up extra early for no good reason.

Our FOCUS for today: Do something you have convinced yourself you are NOT going to do.  Within the boundaries of the law that is :)