Friday, February 13, 2015

You were single yesterday and you will be single the day after so stop whining about VALENTINES DAY!

For all of the people whining about being single on VALENTINES DAY! Please take a moment to take note:

(1) 1 John 4:8
Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.

(2) I am sorry but weren't you single the day before and won't you be the day after?

(3) IF you want a good meal make or buy one, want some roses get those too, want to be pampered run a hot bath or shower add some fragrance turn on your favorite slow jams and enjoy every moment.

(4) You can get your own bottle of your favorite beverage and not have to share.  Unless you need that special someone to hold the glass for you.

(5) Do not be fooled by all of the one sided pics of folks showing off what their BOO's did for them when their BOO's do not have one celebratory pic up of them plastered all over the place (this applies to men and women by the way)
It is OK at least when you are single you know you are in the company of the person who is your biggest fan who will be there for you through thick and thin.  It should be the case anyway.


NOW stop the complaining and get to love you for Y O U!

I am going to enjoy every minute of my SINGULARITY!