Sunday, August 28, 2011

2nd Annual Healing Through Hurt Women's Motivational Summit

The Wall foundation Inc

The 2nd Annual Healing Through Hurt Women’s Motivational
Summit 10/22/2011

Hurt knows no color lines, but healing has no barriers so join us for
this healing event!
Tickets are $10 in advance & $15 at the door


Are you:

Going through a storm
Stressed out beyond belief
Going through a separation / divorce
Someone who has been abused
Someone with low self esteem
Someone trying to find your light through the darkness
join me for STRESS RELIEF and RELEASE through Meditation,
Breathing exercises and group discussions to empower and enlighten.
Moms / dads bring your daughters, aunts, friends or any family
member or person you know who needs to Heal through their Hurts.

I am not just another motivational speaker, I have made it through a
rough period in my life and now I am rebuilding from ground zero!

Email me for more information!
In the mean time I invite you to give Healing Through Hurt i-Talk
Radio a listen at