Friday, November 30, 2012

Starting next week I will be doing a new segment. The acronym is H.I.M.M. So when you see me say I love me some H.I.M.M. it means H-ealing, I-nspiration, M-editation and M-otivation! My segments will talk about Learning to love who we are without having a need feel like we need to be completed by others. I put up a new pic of myself a day or so ago, and I see the change in me. I do not like where I am in my life right now and I hate having to start over from rock bottom; I would be lying to myself if I ever said I enjoy being where I am right now and worse I would be lying to all of you. I did forgive my ex husband and the backyard whore of a neighbor but that does not mean they are saints suddenly. They are still what they have become or were all along; nothing will change that unless they repent and forgive themselves as I do not expect to receive an apology from either but I have forgiven myself and them so that I am able to move on. This is the premise of I love me some H.I.M.M. it is about learning to love the person who I am becoming. I am stronger and wiser and I see the world differently, so I will be sharing the wisdom I have acquired along my journey. I hope you find whatever you need to help you move forward too. Some of my presentations will be webinars and others will be teleconferences. I may even do some video, but 2013 is a new year and time for a new you and me too. Welcome to a new year and a new you. I hope you join me on this journey. Maria