Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Two Cents of Cerebral (My Mirror and ME)

Some people have experience so many heartache, pain and disappointments that they have lost faith in the one they see when they look in the mirror.  This is such an issue that many begin to hate, loathe and even wish harm to the person on the other end just to punish them for allowing such things to manifest in their lives. 

The issue is that the person standing on the outside needs to realize is the fact that things happen in this experience called life and sometimes many people tend to place burdens and blame on the man or woman in the mirror because they have become accustomed to being in the battles and struggles. There is no one there to blame but the reflective image in the mirror. 

Let's pretend you are on the other side of that mirror, what would you tell the person on the outside looking in? 

HEY you! I realize we have been through some rough patched and had to jump some really high hurdles but I am no more to blame than you are so stop it! I need you to believe in me so that WE can become strong enough to face whatever comes our way.  I will make a deal with you, if you believe in me I will believe in you; we can walk this road together and we will make it through.  

The moral of the story?  Just remember the person you see in the mirror is no more the cause of those heartaches and pains in your life than you are so stop playing the blame game. It will be OK and remember when the going gets tough you may have nobody to depend on but the person you see in the mirror.  BE nice to that person because he/she may be the only ally your have.  Believe in the BEAUTY that is you; you have won the hardest part of the battle!