Saturday, December 26, 2015

When SOLO has you feeling SO LOW

The Daily F.O.C.U.S for today (12/24/2015) and beyond:

When SOLO has you feeling SO LOW 

This is the Holiday season and many cannot stand being alone during the festive seasons. This leads to many mistakes that can lead to years if not a lifetime to heartache and un-intentional or expected setbacks and road blocks. 

Better to come home safely and soundly; have the meal you enjoy then plan a night you will enjoy your way.  MAN makes us feel like we are not completed without a significant other; we need to lean how to enjoy being alone before we can appreciate having that special someone truly!  Take this season to work on your new reasons, hopes, joys, passions and more.

If you are that cold in your bed GET MORE BLANKETS or INVEST in an ELECTRIC ONE!   How about a plush onesie?

If being out among all of the happy people makes you feel depressed, remember this.  Not all that glitters is gold and not every smile is genuine.  It is OK to be a single Belle or Beau!

Just thought you should KNOW!   :)