Thursday, May 26, 2016

Broken Spirit; Wounded Soul

The RIPPLE Effect: 05/26/2016

Hello All,

So today is my first time posting here because the day started off wiith a real disappointing blow.  I had to regroup and face the fact that someone I respected just broke my soul in two and destroyed my spirit.  As you can see I am back to my routine, why you may ask?  Because I am worthy of my wings so that I can soar with the eagles.

YES I was hurt and disappointed but that comes with life, especially when we are dealing with other people, attitudes and personalities. Will change come? Yes!  Will it change me? NO!

I will brush myself off and move on it is evident change is needed but now within me; change in environment is a must.  My change may not come immediately but I will continue to work towards it until it comes.

Our FOCUS for TODAY:  Show up, stand up, speak out and MOVE ON!

Today is THURSDAY THANKS:  make sure you thank those who are beacons of light in your space in this world.

C. Maria Wall