Thursday, November 10, 2016

My Final thought and REAL TALK about this USA election!

THIS Is my last post about this electoral mess. In other words my FINAL MESSAGE because once again today these messages have gotten on my last piece of nerve I have left!

I can see that I have to start blocking some folks. The more you post the hatred and negative information to more you are removing all doubt about who "YOU" are and where 'YOUR" mindset is.

INstead of being silent and developing strategies to monopolize on this travesty you keep complaining and whining!

The people have spoken for a person who had run a campaign on bigotry, sexism, hatred, racism and has a wife who has shown her P to the world, you know like the ones he claimed to have grabbed and the CHRISTIANS and GREAT Americans said it was acceptable and A-OK but none of this changes the fact they chose this person to be the next commander and chief.

I do not care about your marches in the streets because you will be back to your norms and dorms next week. (a passing and forgotten thought as always)
I do not care how many votes went to a dead monkey
I do not care how many walking dead cast ballots
I do not care how many people voted for person A when they claimed to have voted for person B.
I do not care about the name calling and mud slinging.
You get the picture! (I have taken notes of those who have gone way over the top about it though)
I do not care that the lowest uneducated common denominators and their side kicks voted for this man. (it has no relevance because some white collar educated folks did too)

What I do care about is maintaining my sanity through this.
What I do care about is praying for the safety of my children and family.
What I do care about is keeping myself healthy enough to fight a good fight because the realization is one of two things.
What I do care about is why the talk to doing away with the electoral college keeps coming and going (that season is over)
What I do care about is equality for all!
What I do care about is using this as a springboard to greater successes through advocacy and education. (YES it can be done)

The President elect and his house and senate have two choices to make good on the hatred, racism and discrimination they won this election on or to do the right thing and work with everything to continue to make America even GREATER than it was prior.

Those who were my true friends before are still my true friends who do not mind me coming to visit and walking in through the front doors. Others will be ignored into the abyss of the forgotten.

WE must be prepared for this to go either way.
ENOUGH SAID now go out and be GREAT for yourselves; have a wonderful day!

C. Maria Wall