Monday, July 17, 2017

Laugh at your mistakes then keep it moving!

My 2 Cents of Cerebral for today 07/17/2017

The Power of laughing at one's mistakes and moving on.  So yesterday I decided to turn in my essay homework early which is something I never do, but I had looked at it for days and thought what the heck turn it in then enjoy my day. Needless to say, my professor must be waiting by the computer for something to come in over the weekend she graded it and sent it back and oh good lord she docked me by a point because I omitted the most significant charge.  I omitted the charge of attempted murder.

I had to laugh because after all of that reviewing and re reviewing I never noticed that I had not included the most significant offense.   So I brushed my ego off and moved on to do the extra credit which I received a perfect score on so I redeemed myself.

The struggle in Law School is real!

I wrote this to say that even the mentor, teacher, motivator, mediator and whatever title you choose to attach to me, even I have off days but I know I have to keep moving because tomorrow is waiting for my arrival to make greater things happen or to get something right that was wrong prior.

Keep moving people, just keep moving tomorrow is waiting for you with open arms.  :)

C. Maria Wall

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