Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It is Time!

Dear Diary,

It is time!

They say this is the year of doubled portions, prosperity and change.  I know now that in order for me to thrive in the glory GOD had deemed as my divine destiny, I will have to let go of more people and things who are not for my success.

To the people who are praying for me based on what someone told you, you are praying against me because your prayers are based on deceptions and lies.  If you cannot pray for my better being please do not pray for me at all because you are blocking my blessings.

To the people who speak with forked tongue against me then have your minions of small minds fight your battles I say this.  You have started a war you will not win and you will come again a GENERAL you will not defeat! I RELEASE you from my life because I am surrounded by many who are like the family I have never known through DNA.

I wish you no harm and I pray your soul salvation!  GOD has a plan for me and at this point you are not a part of it.

Continue to speak ill of me as you like but remember what is done in the dark will come to the light always! No Weapon has ever prospered that was raised against a servant of the LORD.

My soul is at peace and my spirit is free!

I have to get going now; my destiny awaits!


C. Maria Wall
The Wall Foundation Inc.
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