Wednesday, January 29, 2014

To Those Who Saw Me When The Rest of the World Did Not!

Dear Diary,

They say that forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do.  One thing I know is that I could not and would not move forward in any type of positive manner without forgiving those who hurt me and those who ignored the signs.

I realized that I could forgive and not harbor any ill will towards the aforementioned without welcoming them back into my life or world.  They served no purpose when I needed them and they have no place now that I am moving towards my destiny.

They are the lessons learned of my past; part of a life long gone.  You see I realized that I had to let some things and people go in order to make room for the positive energy and people who are proud to see me thrive; those who supported me and did not allow the deceptions and lies to sway their clear vision of the person I am really.

To those who saw me when I was invisible to the world, I thank you!  Because of you the smile I wear now is no longer a mask.

C. Maria Wall
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