Monday, February 3, 2014

Join Me in the GIVING BACK Initiative!

by C. Maria Wall

My new Project for 2014
"The Wall Foundation Inc. Giving Back Initiative"

If you want to pray it and PAY it forward add your 'GIVEAWAY" to this blog thread or email your information; lets keep the positive going!

Be that helping hand, the light in someones darkness or the words or prayer of healing and encouragement!

Join me on my new journey in 2 0 1 4!

Free coaching session
Free health and wellness CD's, books and materials
Free Samples of products and other services
Whatever you have to give that is positive!

Whatever you want to give as a free service to help others will not only be a blessing to you but to those you will be helping!

I am the SHERO and your Ground ZERO! Offering free half hour HEALing coaching sessions to help you make peace with your past so that you can make room for your future and destiny.  I am offering reduced pricing on speaking engagements/seminars as well to small organizations on a budget! Message or phone for more information!

Welcome to "The Giveaway Boutique
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