Friday, February 14, 2014

The V-Day Blues! A Valentines message to the single folks

My Two Cents of Cerebral for today Valentines day 2014!

I thought I would do a special earlybird  Two Cents today

Listen up! just because you are single on this day dedicated to couples and love DOES NOT I repeat DOES NOT mean that you should sit home and sulk all day.  Many of us wear our disappointment and loneliness on our sleeves; this makes us targets for the kings and queens of CONS looking for the brokenhearted to run their games upon!

Embrace your singularity, love the person you see in the mirror.

At least you know you will love all the gift you will buy for yourself and all of the candies in that box will be your favorites!

Have a great Valentines day,

If you are single celebrate it!
IF you are with someone enjoy it!

C. Maria Wall
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