Monday, July 14, 2014

When you become sick of you!

My Two Cents of Cerebral for Today

(Warning this piece will require some serious cerebral thought)

What if?

You receive a letter like this?  Will you be continuing the journey or venturing out without a great ally?

I am at yet another crossroad in my life!  I realize that some people are very happy with the appetizers of life and not willing to do the work to get to the main course.  People just want the fast fame, money and even love.  I have decided to begin to distance myself; there is no reason to ask why because deep down you know already as I have said this many times before.  When our missions are no longer aligned and you have chosen to align with others who I know are on missions for their own profits and success only using you as a stepping stone; our time will be ending.

"The Fact you do not know the business of your business is none of my business"
I leave you with a prayer and only well wishes but the fork in the road leads me in the opposite direction.  Be blessed, I wish you well!

Goodbye my old friend new horizons await and I am ready to explore the challenges!

What if you received this letter from the person you see in the mirror?
Many speak about change but that change never comes.  Everything has a beginning and an end.  Lets hope the bad is ended before "The End"

With love,
Your Inner Voice

Lesson:  Once you lose yourself, you are lost!