Monday, August 10, 2015

If Your Life Matters So Much, Act Like It..

IF your LIFE matters so much why are you in WAL MART young and old stealing school supplies and other small items?  When the police who do not look like you come and arrest or do worst to you WHO is to BLAME?  Bottom line is if your ass was not in there stealing they would not have come for you in the first place.

 I was appalled at the sight of so many people who claim their lives matter stealing. Momma dropping in her bag while the children are stuffing their pockets.  And the store clerks who have lives that matter allegedly did not give a damn either.  Besides if they did care, they could not catch anyone because their pants to the ground would prevent them from giving chase.

TELL you what I know MY LIFE MATTERS and when you show me you are serious about yours having worth too,  I will jump on your bandwagon and be a vigilant advocate until then do not expect anyone to take your words seriously.

DROPS MY MIC and WALKS off the stage. Let me see how many people will pass along this bit of TRUTH!

C. Maria Wall