Friday, January 8, 2016

Leaving HOME

The Daily FOCUS for today: Leaving Home

Many of us continue to align ourselves with people and things within our comfort zones.  If we stay within what feels safe to us, we fail to see all that awaits on the other side of our leaps of faith.  Do not be afraid to leave home; go outside of the yard walk down the street around the corner.  You may be surprised what you find waiting for you. 

We tend to marry / work for comfort, but comfort leads to complacency, acceptance and settling.  Do what you are afraid to do; LIVE!

One of my greatest fears is killing the house sized spiders with hair that infested my home, I used to think they knew I was afraid that is why they took up residence at my place.  I had to do what I was not comfortable doing; I bought the longest broom I could find and I went on the defense!  Life is much like my spider encounter, in order to live truly we must do what frightens us the most.  Leave Home, that thing called our comfort zone.


C. Maria Wall