Friday, January 15, 2016

The One Night Stand!

This week’s F.O.C.U.S

The One Night Stand

Something for the single beaus and belles!

For just one night Stand alone, sleep alone, be alone; get a great night’s sleep.
Wake up with the new realization it is OK to be alone.  

When we realize this it will become easier to have more of those “ONE” night stands.  Light some candles /turn down the lights, enjoy your favorite genre of music, pour a glass of your favorite beverage, make yourself a great meal and enjoy papering you; at least you will/ should not be disappointed or have any regrets later!

For just one night take a stand; make a promise to yourself that you will not settle for just another warm body in your cold bed.  Stand up and know your NO enough to say “NO”
Put the one you see in the mirror in your number “ONE” spot and enjoy dating yourself for just one night; stand.

My 2 Cents of Cerebral

C. Maria Wall