Monday, October 10, 2016

Something To Think About!

Time for more REAL TALK!

Something to think about for today. Each year I read posts by folks claiming to make a change; do something different. At year end I see the same posts where the same folks talk about change in the new year. My question is what you have done this year to work toward the change you spoke of last year?

GOD made it easy for me, he had a family member do what they do best, they broke my very spirit, soul, and heart. I discovered GOD was removing all things from my life so that I could focus on the next leg of my journey; school! It is challenging, and I am tired, but I am getting it done. How about you?

2017 I need to take care of me, my goals matter too. My suggestion to many is to get your lives together. Come back from la- la land, time to get busy; get real. I will be aligning with the known movers and shakers. I will not align with folks aligned with messy, fake people. Meaning people with fake programs, products, titles and such, tired of wasting time with the individuals who have taken the easy roads to their pseudo success.

Be true to yourselves. What are you going to do for you in 2017? Do not lie because you will be lying to yourself only.

I wish you the absolute best in the New Year!