Saturday, November 27, 2010

When to hold and when to fold that is todays question

This message is for my fellow sisters out there who are still holding on to the hurtful relationship!  If you have never heard my internet talk radio show you need to check it out because I have had so many guest who even I could relate to that it still amazes me.  I am hear to say that *You ARE NOT Alone*  you are not the only one going through your ordeal and it does not necessarily have to be between you and an intimate partner; it could be between you and a friend or family member like a mother or father who you just cannot seem to make anything work with.  Today I emphasis is on the intimate partner no matter the sex or whether you are married, shacking or dating if your partner is causing you any type of pain now is the time for you to decide if you will stay or take that leap of faith and walk into a brand new unknown & uncharted world to begin anew.  My final divorce hearing is coming up very soon and I am still healing from the pain my soon to be ex husband inflicted on me and to think some of the women he was cheating with have the audacity to tall me the *bitch* although I realized he was not worth the air he was breathing and I never said one word to these women but they were quick to attack me on this bums behalf unknowing he was playing several of them at the same time.  My husband destroyed me financially, physically and to a degree for a moment mentally.  But I am here today to say to all of you in this type of toxic environment to * GET OUT* of it ASAP!  My husband did not break my faith or spirit and like the old saying goes " what goes around.....  "  These women including the neighbor who is over 40 living in her mommy and daddy's house creeping with married men can have him because nothing with nothing is??? yep you guessed it *nothing* I knew I was worth more than constant berating, belittling and worse of all Marital Rape and he always had justification for it.  The neighbor told him I was gay so he raped me to prove his dominance.  I would not put his name on my house or truck I had before we married so I was raped for that and he would not put his hand on me to hit me he just threw things at me and broke major appliances in the house and took my vehicle and hit my car with my truck then swore he did not do it.  If you want to know who he is because he is a predator that targets older women in their sixties or lonely women in their forties on usually in the Maryland and Virginia areas.  He loves to target so called *christian women* or those who claim to be then once they meet them they are ready for give up more than the holy ghost.  * DISCLAIMER* I am not saying all Christian women are this way but the ones with the * RAGING WHOREmoans* know who they are and what I  am saying.

I am looking for new people to feature on my talk radio show, I want to hear your story and you can here more of mine and those of so many others on healing through hurt talk radio.  Secondly I want to hear from the abusers tell me / us why you do or did what you did I want to get into your world and look at things through your eyes and mind.

I made it though but I know there are so many others who are still living, sitting and crying in the shadows of silence.