Sunday, November 28, 2010

Women are guilty too!!!

There have been so many times that men have approached me in a defensive way once they hear about my mission and internet talk radio show.  The very first words past introductions are " WELL we men get abused too"  Never have I not acknowledged this fact.  Matter of fact I make that clear on almost every show.  The problem is that men are not willing to come forward with their pain.  The public persona that MEN are supposed to be touch and rugged has diminished the chances of this type of pain ever coming to the forefront.  To all of the man out there living in silence I say you too need to let it go and let your voice be heard this no shame is speaking aloud the shame comes in the fact that one will not allow ones self to be love and cherished the way we are meant to be.  I say I am sorry on behalf of all of the hurt people who are hurting other people.  AS a woman I do acknowledge that we are not without sin and my next post will focus on the legal system and how it is a double edged sword truly working against each side equally depending on the involved parties.  Domestic Violence is still an issue many people tend to ignore or not want to take seriously enough to deal with adequately.  Let me know your thoughts on this inadequate attention.

Healing Through Hurt Talk Radio