Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dear Diary 10/17/2013 "Experience and the Lessons Learned"

Dear Diary,

It has been a while since I have shared so tonight I thought I would  take some time to reflect on my life; what I have experienced and the lesson learned.

Experienced: When those I love hurt me terribly!
Lesson: Use the hurt to become a better person; become the opposite.
Experienced: Being made to feel like I was lower than he dust
Lesson: Even a Diamond begins as a lump of coal, it may take sometime to evolve but it becomes a diamond eventually with the right situation.  Just like the diamond I will evolve become brushed and polished, then I will shine too.
Experienced: When a guy does not like me
Lesson: To love myself enough to realize there will be more men who will like me.
Experienced: Insecure women teaming up against me throughout my life.

Lesson: Dismiss them because KARMA is exactly what they act like.
Experienced: The loss of everything

Lesson: Many live and die doing the same routine; I have another chance to do it bigger and better my way.
Experienced: Abuse, domestic violence and rape
Lesson: Talk about it to help others but not allow it to consume me
Experienced: Being picked on called out of my name, made fun of
Lesson: People will pick on anyone who has something they will never possess; they use the bullying and intimidation to get the attention away from their deficiencies.
Experienced: The awe of knowing that my tragedy has helped other triumph because they knew they were not alone anymore.

Lesson: Heal others, I heal myself!

Maria Wall
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