Friday, June 10, 2016

Beware the Pretty Poison

The RIPPLE Effect for today: 06/10/2016
Pretty Poison

Many of us are so hungry our starvation is recognized immediately. Those looking to take advantage are everywhere.  They approach us with a smile, laughter, good conversation and words that make us want to believe.  Nothing is wrong with believing; make sure your belief is in yourself more-so than the hype you happen to be hearing. 

Many of us end up broken and alone after we have given our all to those who are self-serving.  Make sure your investments are yielding high returns in your favor.  If you are receiving little or no return, time to cut your losses and find a new broker for your dreams.  

Beware the “Pretty Poison” in this world.  It comes in beautiful wrappers with seductive words and allot of shine.  Do not be blinded by the light and lies. 

Our FOCUS for today:  See the world with your eyes open wider.   Do not allow your wants to outweigh your needs.  Greed brings grief.  

C. Maria Wall
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