Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Stand Out!

The RIPPLE Effect for today: 06/15/2016

Show Up Early; stand out!

In this ME first world I am surprised how many people want to get the best of everything but are not willing to SHOW UP and put in the work to get it.  Everything most people want they want handed to them without putting any efforts into being worthy to receive it.  How many of you have heard the term “the early bird gets the worm”?

In business they say if you show up on time you are late already and in life if you drag your feet you may miss out on wonderful opportunities for love and success or your entire destiny.
When you show up early you stand out for a host of reasons; add the fact you do not have too many distractions around.  So stop hiding in the masses; be seen.
Our FOCUS for today: Stop hiding in the back of the room in the group when you are meant to stand out and be seen.

C. Maria Wall