Monday, June 13, 2016

Finding Color In A Black and White World

The RIPPLE Effect for today: 06/13/2016
Finding COLOR in this Black and White World

So many of us have fallen into such a deep depression that we have lost sight of the beauty in this world that is all around us. Take time to notice to small wonders and beauty today. Tomorrow is not promised so make sure you enjoy every moment of your life.
“Do not take every breath receive it as if it were a gift” Bob Sima
I promise you your view of the world will change when you think of this precious life function as a “GIFT”
So take in the aromas of the flowers or the restaurant scents or maybe the perfume or cologne of you are wearing or that of your significant other.
Make today as colorful as possible.

Our FOCUS for today: Pick your favorite color and wear it today and enjoy it!