Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Which Direction Are You Going

The RIPPLE Effect for today: 06/07/2016

Which direction are you headed?

Today is all about our personal perceptions when we are in the midst of our storms.  When we are lost in the darkness we have two choices; expect more darkness or push forward toward an exit into the light. 

Many of us convince ourselves we are at our lowest point; wallow at ground zero or pick yourself up, brush yourself off and rise.

Many may not know that I am one of those people who uses both sides of my brain equally so as much as I am analytical I am artistic.  I tell my story through my art more so than my speaking.  Read the words on my painting, then have a talk with the person you see in the mirror about your answer.

Our FOCUS for today: Make sure you have convinced yourself to go in the right direction.

C. Maria Wall 
Painting link without words!