Monday, September 9, 2013

Dear Diary 09/09/2013

The Chair

I was shopping the other day and saw a very fancy chair, it was rather expensive much more than I had to spare.  I knew my friends would be jealous so I simply had to buy that chair.  I invited all of my friends over to admire my new chair, they could not sit on just walk by and stare.  They were really jealous of my beautiful new chair; they left because I would not share!  My rent will be late because I had to have this chair now my ass is broke and i'm in financial despair.  Just when I did not think things could get any worse, what's that I see? A tear somebody cut my damn chair.

Such is life when we try to impress, someone will always want what we have and when they cannot have it, they will try to destroy it.

Life lesson learned from buying that expensive chair.  If I wanted the thrill to last, I should have brought the chair as a comfortable place to park my A**! Now all I can see is the damn tear in my beautiful chair over there, that one of those haters put in my damn chair.

Maria W.
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