Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Sunday Morning Motivation: 09/15/2013

Good Morning Sun-shines: Happy Sunday 09/15/2013

My Morning Motivation for today: Evolution

As many of you know I took a few days off to celebrate the milestone of turning the big 50 this passed Thursday!  As I was driving down a long winding country road I started thinking.  Wow some consider this the downside of life, although I consider it my next chapter.  There comes a time when each of us needs to decide what is most important to us and which things we are wiling to let go of in order to be content and happy.

We never know answers if we do not ask questions.  WE will never see change unless we stand up for it then make it happen. We will never know true love if we keep holding on to the things that do not show like interest in us or our hopes and dreams.  We can never move forward if we spend our entire lives dwelling in the past and blaming it for our current failures.

There is something worse than the stench of stagnant water; a stagnant life will make you decay where you stand!

Welcome to Serious Sunday! the beginning of SERIOUS CHANGE in your life!

Maria W.
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