Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Two Cents of Cerebral for today: 09/17/2013

We have heard the old saying that speaking about the "grass being greener" somewhere else; i would rather water, groom and tend to the lawn I have.  So many of or marvel at the lawn across the street, at work, in the park or where ever we tend to frequent.  Suddenly many find themselves wanted a lawn just like the one they see and admire.

We need to remember and realize that every beautiful well kept lawn needs a lot of work and attentive behavior; we need to give it love and dedication.  So you see we can learn a lot about maintaining our relationships by simply looking into the upkeep of the lawns we admire so!

I have never met a lawn that asked to be taken care of, we do it simply because we enjoy admiring the fruits of our labors; our partners should not have to tell us what they need.  If we put as much time, effort, dedication and love into our significant others, we can enjoy a fertile, healthy, growing grounds inside and outside!

Maria W.
My Two Cents of Cerebral & Dear Diary
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