Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dear Diary for 09/03/2013 "The MAN-DAID"

I am able to admit to myself first and foremost that I have been broken but I am healing.  I am fine with the fact that it took me three years to heal and discover the person I have become; I have no shame in my waiting game.

So many of my friends attempted to find a "MAN-DAID" to put on their wounds instead of allowing the healing process to take place naturally.  In reality many women identify with the "MAN-DAID" because he claims to identify with who they are in both words and actions giving the appearance of being a strong warrior.  In reality he is just a tainted remnant of another broken woman's past; he is  a predator seeking new prey!

"If we can rush to get with a weak excuse of a real man, we can wait for the healing process to prepare us for a strong man to come into our lives who will respect us as much as we will appreciate him."

Maria W.
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