Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Two Cents of Cerebral for today: 07/04/2013

My Two Cents of Cerebral for today: 07/04/2013 Options and Conveniences, which one are you? Why I believe that being a convenience is worse than being an option Many people use the word option and convenience interchangeably but I feel there is a remarkable difference. You see an option makes you one of many; a person will come into your life for a hour, day or weekend then they are gone. Those who view themselves as options either realize they are not the only one and do not care or they have put the thought out of their heads and keep moving on until they are chosen again.

 A convenience is a person who is so obsessed with that one person who comes into their lives when it suits their personal agenda, they sit and wait for a return visit. This type of individual does not live they simply exist being fed by the fact that one day/someday their one true obsession because they are not a love will return. Options have low self esteem and conveniences have no self esteem or self worth. Years ago the threat was the women who view themselves as available options but a new and more dangerous threat is out here. The convenience does not care all they know is the fact they received some much needed attention from someone who is there to get what they want then leave until they want whatever it is the convenience will provide again. A convenience fixates on that one person and will do whatever it takes to get the attention of their object of desire.

 To make a long story short, there is a new whore in town so ladies and gentlemen come down off of your me first, give me mine and I do not give in return horse because the convenience is lurking in the shadows, they are neighbors, family, friends, co workers and congregation members!

 Re-new and reinforce your relationships; the convenience will rock and sink your relation-SHIP! NEVER SAY YOU WERE NOT MADE AWARE! RE-new, Repair and reinforce your relation-SHIPS! The Convenience is probably plotting right now as you read these words!