Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My new "Dear Diary Collection" for My Two Cents of Cerebral

Dear Diary,

I decided to follow many of my friends suggestions and not step up my game or even attempt to better myself so that I can stand out from the crowd.

Instead I chose to wait on the LORD, DESTINY and the WIND to send me my perfect man.

I have come to the not so shocking conclusion that maybe just maybe I have made a bad decision; my friends are still single and I am still waiting!

The good part is that I have been waiting for him for so long I have  lost weight without even trying! (bonus)

To make sure I am presentable when he shows up I keep my make-up fresh!  So in case you have forgotten me LORD, I am still sitting in my house waiting for destiny and the wind to guide him to my front door. I sure hope he comes soon!


O M G WAKE UP LADIES No one has ever achieved anything by sitting still! Add the fact misery loves what? Company!

Maria W.
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