Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dear Diary Collection 08/01/2013 MATURE TALK!

Dear Diary,

Me again here to share yet another episode in the continuing saga known as my life. (MATURE TALK)

My best friend, the person I could tell all of my secrets too and feel safe that they would not be on the front page of the local "P"aper.

One day I shared with her that I was secretly talking to one of the most popular guys in our neighborhood she sat quietly as I told her about all of the fun and crazy things we have done and Oh Charlie that brotha is packing something special!  The more she smiled and laughed the more I opened up to tell her all of our little secrets and details of our private moments! She was very inquisitive and I was more than happy to answer all of her questions.

I told her how I grabbed his attention and all of the things I did to keep him wanting more.

Today he told me he wanted much more, but not from me! Seems she put her "P" on his "P"  Guess I was worried about the wrong "P" because the "P"apers were the least of my "P"roblems.

You see my best friend took everything I shared with her and did it better than I could EVER!

LESSON LEARNED: share clothes, jewelry and shoes but keep your man and your business to yourself.

Maria W.
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