Friday, August 2, 2013

My Two Cents of Cerebral for 08/02/2013 (NEVER LET any man PULL you this LOW!)

My Two Cents of Cerebral for today!

HE or she hurt you, OK! They have moved on and you are still sitting in silence and single, OK!  Your silence has become rage; alright! You spend most of your time thinking of ways to retaliate for your loss and you envy of their happiness, NOT GOOD!

Once we allow ourselves to become everything we despised in the one who has hurt us, we become a problem to ourselves; we become our worst enemy.

That person was never meant to be in our lives forever, remember the good times and the lessons learns then move on!

Maria W.
HEALing THrough Hurt i-Talk Radio
My Two Cents of Cerebral