Monday, August 19, 2013

Dear Diary "I am FINE"

Dear Diary,

When Someone says they are "fine" read between the lines!

I am not sure where to begin today, you see I noticed that when I am up everyone is right here with me.  When My world crumbles there are many who can see through my many masks.

When they ask if I am OK, I simply replay with a somber "I am fine"  out of all of my friends only a handful will stay with me because they know that when I say that I am fine I could not be further from  being "FINE"

I can see though the masks many wear daily and I can feel the sense of that need for a friendly ear or a simple hug; I try to be available and accommodating.  I watch others pass me by but jump to the aid of those who were never there for them when they were running to me.

No sense for a pity party I just wish more people would understand that when someone is "fine" it is an acronym for something else usually!

Today I am:


so you see if anyone ask me If I am OK, I will simply say, I am FINE!

"Asking without action is futile!"

Maria W.
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