Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dear Diary "I have a story to tell" 08/25/2013

Dear Diary,

I was thinking about the old family matriarchs who are long gone.  I honor them and respect the lessons and history they instilled in me.

I learned how to cook from my Great Grandma Lucy; I learned how to be strong even when I had nothing from so many aunts who have left me here to carry the legacy.

It saddens me that the young ladies are promiscuous and dress like they are for sale because the older matriarchs are setting the worst examples in history.

I am silly and outgoing by my nature, but I am aware that I am older and should be an example for my grandchildren and other young women who I can be a beacon of light to!

We need to embrace our history and appreciate the fact that we have made it to a  point in our lives when we can become the story tellers.  I embrace my womanhood and my life experiences because they have me the lady I am; strong, independent, outspoken and appreciative of all that life has to offer.

My words of wisdom:

"Never forget your past and make sure you have a story you would be proud to tell and others would be excited to hear."

Maria W.
My Two Cents of Cerebral