Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dear Diary 11/07/2013 "Knowing ones role and staying in ones place"

Dear Diary,

I have not written in a while but I am compelled to write today.  Seems there are so many people out here friends and family alike who seem to think they are experts on my personal life.  Many have not been in my company other than some type of social function but based on what they have heard from others they feel they need to guide me in the right direction or fix me.

Lesson: If you have not witnessed my actions for yourself in several settings and on multiple occasions please do not judge or attempt to fix me.

It is bad enough I have to deal with the insecurities of my abuser behind the scenes; there is no need for you to jump on the small minds bandwagon adding salt to my wounds and fuel to the abusers fire!

I am woman enough to admit that I am broken and I know where to go to get help on fixing my brokenness. If I have not contacted you, you are not the solution or problem solver I seek.

Thanking you in advance for knowing your role and staying in your place!