Friday, November 29, 2013

The Friday Morning Inspiration and Motivation for 11/29/2013 "Make it Amazing"

It's 3:26a.m. on Friday Morning

Many celebrated with friends and family yesterday for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
There are many who were alone; many had no one to celebrate with or enjoy all of  the aromas and taste of the feast that so many enjoy each year.
Some did not get as much as a phone call from loved ones; do not allow anything from yesterday to bring depression into your today!

Everything will be Fine, you know what you need to do to be happy and it is not defined by a phone call or plate of food.  Remember that life is full of disappointments but life continues.  This is the time of year when so many people fall victim to depression so put your plan for happiness in place NOW!

If I have no one to be with this Holiday Season I know that it may not be what I would like but I will be fine spending time taking care of me; sometimes the person I see in the mirror is the only person I can depend on readily so I need to take care of her!

Follow my lead and everything will be fine make today AMAZING your way!

Welcome to "Another Amazing Friday"

Maria W.
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