Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Morning Inspiration and Motivation for 11/27/2013 "Wait for it"

It's 3:29 a.m. on Wednesday Morning

So many people rush to everything
Even more cannot wait for anything
After all of the rushing many discover they have accomplished much of nothing!

The old adage says that "if it is worth having , it is worth waiting for"

A cake half baked is no good; a painting undone is incomplete
neither of the aforementioned examples is something most would want to invest in.

Just like the half baked cake if it is not fully cooked it will be thrown away.
One can learn a lot from a half baked cake when we apply the same principles to relationships
A relationship needs time to gather the right elements then one has to see if the mix works; all of this requires time.

If you want to enjoy a tall glass of your favorite beverage and that piece of cake you have to mix it right then wait for it to bake to perfection.
If  you want your relationship to work you need to gather a few cups of communication, some spoonfuls of smiles, pour it in molds of love and trust then bake (have to add some heat to the mix) wink!

Now that is worth waiting for...

Welcome to "Wait for it Wednesday"

Maria W.
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