Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dear Diary "The positive from the past" My trip to Wal-Mart this morning!

Dear Diary
"The positive of the past"

So once again I made my usual Wal-Mart run this morning and I happened to have run into someone who I had a faint memory of from long ago.

Person: I know you
Me: You do look very familiar
Person: yes I know we know one another
Me: What is your name?
Person: Iris
Me: I even remember the name but I cannot remember where I know you from
Iris: Well I hope we were good friend and not enemies.
Me: Well if we were it is in the past and long forgotten all that matters is the here and now.
Iris: Now I know I remember you just by what you said and the sound of your voice you always spoke like that.
Me: Really? Wow maybe I have been this way a long time and never realized it huh?
Iris: Yes
We went on to name a few places but had none of them in common.  As we began to end our conversation we wished the other well and parted ways not knowing where we knew one another but we knew we did know one another at some point in our lives.

LESSON: This goes to show that although we may not recognize the power of our personalities and deeds, others will remember them long after the event(s) are over and a solid part of history.  I was humbled to know that I left such a positive impression on someones life; I guess I should add yet again because I appear to be touching lives all over the world in my small way every day.  Nothing like seeing a huge smile on the face of a distance associate who has appeared as a stranger who remembered not where we met but the impact made in their life because of the association.

The set backs life throws us are only LESSONS to be learned.
When we do good the laws of attraction will bring good to us.

Maria W.
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