Monday, December 9, 2013

Not Just Another Monday!

It's 3:35 a.m. on Monday Morning 12/09/2013

So many people complain about Monday; is this the only day of the week that is the sole cause of the unhappiness for such a large number of people?

We complain Tuesday through Thursday about everything else like traffic, work, people, co workers etc., seems Monday is the only day we have total control of our happiness and contentment since many people blame their bad day on the fact that it is "MONDAY" simply.

Since many perk up on Fridays, maybe we should follow Fridays lead and make the beginning of the week just as enjoyable as the end of our work week. Make a pledge to make MONDAY a FUN-DAY too.

Remember how we begin will have a huge influence on how we face the entire day; one good day will lead into another then another and before you know it Friday will be here!

Life is too short to create unnecessary reasons to be unhappy.

Welcome to "Monday make it a FUN-day"

Maria W.
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