Saturday, December 14, 2013

Positive People vs. Positive Accomplished People! The law of Proper Alignment!

My two Cents of Cerebral for today: 12/14/2013

I have not posted one of these in a while.  I wanted to talk about what you WANT in the new year!  I have been around so many positive people who have huge dreams and think in a large fashion but that is where the "buck stops."

There is a difference between aligning yourself with positive people vs. aligning yourself  with positive accomplished people.  You see there is a a rhythm and process for success.  If we only align ourselves with people who have half of the equation we cut our changes of success by half; time to realign your life.

Positive people talk about their dreams, hopes and wants; positive accomplished people show you how to achieve the same success.  Positive accomplished people realize there is room for everyone at the top and they are not afraid to lift another.

Make 2014 your year of re-alignment in order to be successful you have to have successful, accomplished people in your corner who realize the greatness you  have yet to realize resides in your soul waiting to be awakened and released.  Add an additional group of positive people to your process!

Welcome to your new alignment, if you have been on the road to the left, try the right in 2014!