Monday, August 1, 2016

Make It Yours Monday

My GRIND and SHINE for today: 08/01/2016
Make it yours Monday!

Most are rolling over and over in bed dreading the fact that it is Monday. I want all of you who take time to read this to consider that you are here; you made it through the weekend to see another Monday. There were people who planned on enjoying their weekend before they started a week they were expecting to be bad prior to Monday even greeting them. Some of those people did not make it; their lives were cut short between Friday and today.

I want to make a simple suggestion to stop making Monday our enemy; it is what we make it. Monday can be a celebration of the fact we are here and have a chance to see another weeks beginning or we can choose to have Monday set a low tone for the days that follow.

Remember those who will never have a chance to see another Monday then wake up, get up, get going and make this Monday yours!

Our Focus for today: Make your Monday as awesome as you are!

C. Maria Wall