Friday, August 5, 2016

Permission Granted? Maybe Not!

The GRIND and SHINE for today 08/05/2016 3:08am
You have permission

You have permission to voice your disappointments. Many people keep their hurt and pain to themselves; people will take out their frustrations on those who love them the most. With the exception of a few, many will feel worse after attacking those who are not the oppressors.

Do you ever wonder why hurt people hurt people? It is because the cycle of pain is continuing. You see bullies never choose those who they are equaled by or those they know they could be defeated by. In turn when many of us are hurt we look for the weakest link to attack; thinking this will ease our suffering or give us joy and victory.

In many case this only leaves another injured party and wounded soul. Even though we have permission to be angry, yell, scream and voice our hurt, we do not have permission to take out our frustrations on others who we are sure cannot fight against our rage.

We have permission to pour out our pain; we do not have permission to put it on to others.

Our FOCUS for today: Pour our pain out in the proper way! End the cycles of abuse and shame.

C. Maria Wall